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     We regularly see avian patients for wellness care, injuries, and illness. As prey animals, they hide illnesses until severely ill and can no longer put up a false-front of health. In the wild, birds would be picked out by predators if they showed any signs of illness or being different. 

     Pet birds do the same thing. Since birds initially do not show outward signs of illness, we see all of our avian patients once a year for a comprehensive health screening to find underlying problems early before they are life threatening. 

Each year we:

• Do a thorough physical exam

• Check a fecal sample to assess gut flora and screen for parasites

• As a minimum, we check a complete blood count for early diagnosis of infections or inflammation

• Discuss any questions or problems with diet, behavior, and husbandry


For current patients up to date on all wellness care, we offer:

• Wing Trims

• Nail Trims

• DNA Sexing


     Our clinic was designed and equipped with the needs of ALL patients in mind. Our surgery, pharmacy, and exam rooms all have the proper tools to treat most avian illnesses and injuries. We utilize Sevoflurane gas for procedures. This gas is considered by many to be the safest sedation or anesthesia for birds. Additionally, we can compound medications into palatable liquids for birds.

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