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Our clinic and staff offers a wide variety of services ranging from in depth routine wellness care to surgeries.

No matter what service is rendered, we are committed to upholding the best care possible for our clients and patients.

Please browse below to learn more regarding specific services offered at our clinic. 


Wellness care is the most common type of appointment made at My Pet's Vet.  Staying up to date on your pet's routine care is essential to their health and well being. Completing wellness care annually ensures monitoring your pet's general health, as well as allowing the doctor to diagnose any problems as soon as possible especially as your pet ages.


Wellness care at our clinic consists of : 

  • Annual and bi-annual exams

  • Vaccines

  • Annual fecal centrifugation check for intestinal worms and parasites

  • Annual blood work

Wellness care and plans vary based on a pet's species, breed, age, and special needs. We require all of our patients to be up to date on their wellness care not only for the safety of the patient, but the safety of our staff and other patients as well. Please call us at (414) 540-1377 to talk to a staff member for any questions or concerns regarding wellness care or an appointment.


Click below to learn more about general wellness care for canine and feline patients.

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Click below to learn more about additional services at My Pet's Vet. We offer a variety of services ranging from routine wellness care for exotic pets to surgeries.

 Please call the clinic at (414) 540-1377 to talk to a staff member for any questions or concerns regarding our services offered at My Pet's Vet.

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