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Along with the services we offer at My Pet's Vet, we have a well-stocked veterinary pharmacy and diet center on the premises. We additionally carry stock of Heartgard, Frontline, and Nexgard to accommodate the needs of Heartworm, Flea, and Tick prevention.

We have the ability to compound medications using FlavorX in a palatable flavored liquid for small mammals, exotics, and finicky cats. 

We also work with The Pet Apothecary, in Milwaukee, to give you additional options including trans-dermal gels for animals who will not take oral medications. 


Our clinic carries a wide variety of prescription foods. Brands ranging from Purina, Royal Canin, and Hills Science Diet.


We also carry Harrison's Bird Food for our feathered friends.

We additionally carry a wide variety of treats for your furry friend. Stop in to view our selection!

*All prescription food, medications, and preventative refills require doctor's authorization and patients to be up to date on all wellness care*

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