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     Part of loving and caring for our pets is letting them go when their time on Earth is done. Some pets leave us suddenly, allowing no time for planning, while others gradually decline.


     Knowing how and when to let your pet go is difficult, loving, and courageous decision that may be a little easier if we've talked about it in the early stages of your pet's terminal illness. Our doctor and staff are pet lovers and we have all lost beloved furry family members ourselves. When you need to discuss your pet's end-of-life care, please make a consultation appointment with our doctor. You may choose to bring your pet to this appointment, or come alone. 

We can offer advice on:

• Pain management for your pet

• How to talk to family members

• Choices regarding end-of-life care

• Grief counseling service referral if needed

     We offer house call euthanasia to clients in our immediate area as our schedule allows us to be away from the clinic. A veterinarian and nurse can travel to your home. Euthanasia can also be performed at the clinic. 


Our clinic does not offer convenience euthanasia. Euthanasia is determined on a case to case basis.

To learn more about hospice care and euthanasia, please call our clinic at (414) 540-1377.

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